Rappers And Fans Show Isaiah Rashad Support After He Was Allegedly ‘Outed’ After His Sex Tape Leaked Online

(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Social media shows their support for TDE rapper, Isaiah Rashad, after he was allegedly “outed.”

During the week, a video leaked online of what appeared to be the rapper being intimate with another man. The men in the video hasn’t been confirmed but fans believe it was Rashad in the clip.

The rapper had not “come out” to his fans as of yet, so the video caught many by surprise. Either way- fans rally around him and agreed that his personal life should be his business only. One fan tweeted, “I don’t understand how ppl can be out here havin’ time to worry about what other people do with their personal lives. Y’all lame ass weirdos need to worry about y’all own miserable shitty lives. Worry about yourselves man..”

Take a look at some more reactions below.