Rare Photo Of Lala Anthony With Carmelo Anthony At Kiyan’s Basketball Event Surfaces Online

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Even though Carmelo Anthony and Lala divorced, they’re still amazing parents to their son. 

The former couple was spotted in London earlier this week at the Hoophall Classic with Kiyan. A photographer named Brian Bosche captured snapshots of the family bonding moment. Take a look (swipe until the end).

Kiyan is having an exciting year; Syracuse, the same college his father attended, recently sent him a basketball scholarship. Carmelo led the team to the national championship at the end of the 2002-03 season.

Kiyan’s offer is for when he graduates from Christ The King High School in NY in 2025. TMZ reports Kiyan received other basketball offers from Memphis, Manhattan, George Mason, and Bryant.

After 11 years of marriage, Lala filed for divorce from Carmelo in June last year, citing irreconcilable differences. Lala recently revealed as a single woman in her 40s, primarily men in their 20s try to DM her. As far as Carmelo, although he’s not in the NBA, it doesn’t seem like the basketball legend wants to retire. BR says he’s “determined” to play again. 

Family forever, love to see it!