Ray J Responds To Criticism About His Tattoo Of Brandy, Says She Doesn’t Like It Either

NEW YORK - APRIL 20: Brandy and Ray J attend the 2010 Dress For Success Worldwide Gala at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on April 20
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Ray J responds to criticism after he got a huge tattoo of his sister, Brandy’s, face.

We previously reported that Brandy got a huge tribute tattoo of his sisters face on his leg. When Ray J shared the tatt via Instagram, Brandy commented “brooo,” with a bunch of red heart emojis. Ray J replied and said, “wait till the whole leg [is finished]. Trust the process.”


Now – TMZ caught up with Ray and asked him about the backlash he faced. “It’s my leg, it’s my sister. She was a little uneasy about it, but if you check out Mashkow’s page, he’s one of the dopest tattoo [artists] and it’s hard to get him to tatt you, it’s like booked for two years.”

He says the style of the tattoo is just the style Mashkow’s work. “But I love my sister, that was just a symbol of me saying thank you..”