Reality Star Yazmine Lopez Speaks About ‘Embarrassment’ While In Relationship W/ Carmelo Anthony

Reality star Yazmine Lopez is opening up about her previous relationship with NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

While filming a YouTube Q&A style video, Yazmine answers the question “did you ever date Carmelo Anthony or was that just a rumor?” She reveals, “that was my man. The flowers were real that he sent me.”

She went on to say that she was embarrassed when she learned that Melo had sent the same exact flowers to another woman. Yazmine says, “I was literally sitting next to him in the bed. I was like ‘who sent her these flowers bro’?” She continues, “that was my most embarrassing moment. At the time I was so hurt and upset about it, now I can laugh about it.”

The other woman who Carmelo sent the same flowers to, responds to Yazmine’s claims. She writes via her Instagram story, “let it go weirdo. If a compulsive liar/clout chaser was a person.”