REALLY?! Apryl Jones Comes Clean On Her Relationship w/ Lil Fizz

Apryl Jones
(Photo Credit: Robin L Marshall/Getty Images)

It looks like Apryl Jones is finally coming clean.

The last three weeks has been a whirlwind if you following Omarion and his ex-girlfriend’s lives. That’s because it has been rumored that she is now dating her exes B2K groupmate Lil’ Fizz, and allegedly pregnant by him. Not only that she was seen on a date with Ryan from Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Following all of the rumors, it looks like Apryl Ryan has finally come clean to tell the truth on what is really going on.

She sat down to promote her appearance on the next season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood where she broke down the truth in her and Lil’ Fizz’s relationship.

“He’s definitely someone who I always considered an angel sent into my life,” she said  “We’ve definitely gotten closer within the last two or three years. He’s been there through the s*** I deal with the father of my kids.”

As for her current relationship with her ex Omarion, it’s not very good.

“There’s no relationship between Omari and I.” she said. “This is probably the worst it has been in our relationship because we don’t communicate because he won’t communicate.”

Will her and Lil Fizz get into a relationship anytime soon? She said she wouldn’t be opposed to it, but the two would have to go to therapy and take multiple steps to do so.

“I have fallen in love with best friends before, she said. “And I’m not opposed to feeling like I wouldn’t, or couldn’t. Where we are is where we are. When you talk about me & [Fizz] it’s a sensitive subject because we’re both f***ed up from our relationship.”

At the end, she did admit she would have sex with him though, because hey if she was going to give it to anyone it might as well be a friend right?

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