Reason Says His Situation With TDE Is “Delicate” & “Weird” Right Now In New Interview

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Last summer’s public argument between Top Dawg Entertainment’s Reason and co-president Anthony “Moosa” Tiffith Jr. continues trending. Reason clarified his position with the label afterward when asked by host Gina Views on the new episode of the Hoefessions podcast.

“I’m still signed to the label,” he answered at 34:31. “I just think shit just ‘delicate.’ Like, I don’t really know what the f*ck it is, right. To me, it’s just all weird. I don’t really know what the situation is. I’m still signed to the label right now. That’s not a knock on none of the other artists. Like, I don’t know exactly what it really is … I’m just in a space where I’m just focused on whoever f*ck with me, f*ck with me. And the people that, not saying they don’t, but if they don’t, if they’re one of the people that don’t, then f*ck’em. Like, that’s kinda where I’m at. Whoever don’t f*ck with me, f*ck’em and whoever f*ck with me, f*ck with me.”

Kendrick Lamar left the label in 2023, TDE’s current roster includes Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, SZA, Doechii, SiR, Isaiah Rashad, Zacarii, Lance Skiiiwalker, Ray Vaughn, and, of course, Reason. The Carson, California native signed with Top Dawg Entertainment in 2017 and released three albums. His new album, Porches, features SiR, Zacari, Ray Vaughn, Doechii, and Kalan.Frfr.

Occasionally, Reason has expressed his frustration with the label on public forms. The TDE president’s viral moment on BaccOnFigg in August 2023 brought Reason to the forefront with the inquiry about whether the host knew the artist’s music and revelations that Kendrick Lamar’s manager and former co-president Dave Free didn’t want Reason signed.

The Hoefession’s comment was made during the release of Blue Lips, a new TDE album by Schoolboy Q, who said he’s never leaving the label on February 18.

The new interview with Views follows her and the rapper starring in a series of Valentine’s Day-inspired short-filmed freestyles that he showcased on social media last week. Reason tells Views that the outpour of positive feedback on social media reassured a new strategy he intends to implicate into his next album campaign.

“It opened up a new door for me, like, in my artistry,” he said at 17:34. “I always be kinda weary about the skits and acting, and shit like that. Because TDE never really wanted me to dive into that. And it was something I always wanted to do, but they pushed me away from it so much that I was always nervous. Over thinking it. What if people think this is ‘corny.’ So the reaction I got, I’m like, okay, now I’m even implementing shit like that into my next album.”

“It’s not going to be as much comedy – it’s going to be more serious – a little bit of comedy.  But it gives me the confidence that we can pull off full-blown, like, little short movies or documentaries or shit like that. And it just makes the music better because my music is a lot of storytelling anyway. So I’m like, I want to be able to dive into the storytelling aspect of it even outside of the music. So it gave me a little gateway to that.”

After the TDE discussion, Reason and Gina Views exchanged stories about crazy exes, intimate encounters, love language, and more. You may watch the full hour-long interview above.