Reports Claim 21 Savage had a Fully Loaded Gun + Unknown Substance when Arrested

21 Savage update

Photo Credit: Prince Williams – Getty Images


According to TMZ, a fully loaded gun was found in the Dodge that 21 Savage was driving before his arrest.


While the rappers attorney Alex Spiro stated that it has been confirmed ICE targeted his client for immigration enforcement, there are police reports that say 21 Savage was initially stopped for reckless driving.


Spiro disputed the claim regarding the firearm saying that nor the vehicle belongs to his client.


TMZ claims police documents say: 21 Savage was in a red Dodge Challenger that cops say drove across the sidewalk in an attempt to get onto another street. The cops pulled the car over and ATF agents — who were also on scene — ordered 21 to stop and throw the keys out the window. According to the report, 21 threw the keys out, along with a bottle containing an unknown substance. In the center console, there was a styrofoam cup containing an unknown substance. As for the bottle that was thrown out of the car … cops don’t say what was in it but it was taken into evidence.


Stay tuned as the story develops! 


Source: TMZ