Researcher Shows Alleged Bodies Of Non-Human Beings To Congress At A UFO Hearing In Mexico

A journalist/researcher showed alien corpses to a courtroom.

Jamie Maussan presented alleged bodies of “non-human” beings to lawmakers in Mexico on Tuesday (September 12) during the country’s first public congressional UFO hearing

Maussan showed the courtroom two small boxes stuffed with unidentified phenomena (U.A.P.) that were recovered in Peru in 2017. CBS reports he says the National Autonomous University of Mexico determined the remains were 700 and 1,800 years old. 

The alien figures have only three fingers on each hand and elongated heads. The “non-human” beings resemble the “Hollywood-born character,” ET.

Maussan urged lawmakers to consider the issue a humanity one, and not political. He said, “This is the first time it (extraterrestrial life) is presented in such a form and I think there is a clear demonstration that we are dealing with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world.”

Take a look:

In America, back in July during a UFO congressional hearing, former military intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower, David Grusch, 36, accused the U.S. military of sheltering non-human origin since the 1930s.

Earlier this year, Grusch gave Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about aircraft with non-human origins, and that so-called “biologics” were recovered. Grusch says Congress has been kept in the dark about extraterrestrials.

At the time, during the hearing, the former 14-year Air Force and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency officer was asked if people had been murdered as part of a government scheme to hide U.F.O.s. He said he “could not talk about it in a public session,” the NY Times reports.

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