“Return Of The Mack” Hitmaker Mark Morrison Scores Multi-Million Dollar Deal

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Seeker Music scores a major deal, acquiring the rights to Mark Morrison’s esteemed music catalog in what the company calls a “multi-million dollar deal.” 

This agreement encompasses the acquisition and initiates a creative partnership between Seeker and the British singer-songwriter renowned for his iconic hit “Return of the Mack.”

“Return of the Mack” has been sampled in over 25 songs, serving as the backbone for numerous modern tracks. Its influence spans diverse domains, from TV soundtracks to political campaigns and commercial endorsements.

Mark Morrison’s proactive approach to his catalog, involving collaborations with brands and modern artists, aligns seamlessly with Seeker’s ethos of reinvention. Evan Bogart, CEO of Seeker Music, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, citing Morrison’s innovative spirit as a catalyst for creative exploration.

“Looking forward to working with the Seeker family in this next chapter of my musical journey,” said Morrison in a press release. “With Evan, Steven, and Seeker as partners, I’m excited to have creative collaborators who share the same vision for how to celebrate and build my songs into the future.”

In addition to revitalizing “Return of the Mack,” Seeker and Morrison aim to tap into the creative potential of his other chart-toppers like “Crazy,” “Trippin,” “Horny,” and “Moan & Groan.” Morrison’s unprecedented feat of securing five Top 10 hits from a debut album underscores the enduring appeal of his music.

“Mark’s music is as relevant today as it was nearly 30 years ago – I am thrilled to have helped in getting this deal done and to have remained a friend for three decades. There are exciting times ahead for Mark and Seeker,” said Clive Black, Morrison’s long-time friend and business advisor.

Steven Melrose, Global Head of Creative for Seeker Music, described the collaboration as a dream come true, fueled by personal nostalgia and creative synergy. Mark Morrison anticipated the collaboration, emphasizing the shared vision with Seeker in celebrating and evolving his musical legacy.

The deal, facilitated by seasoned brokers David Simone and Winston Simone, signals a strategic move for Seeker Music to expand its catalog. This acquisition follows Seeker’s SAMPLÉMOOSE initiative, aimed at inspiring creators to reimagine music from its catalog into fresh hits.

Seeker Music’s recent acquisitions, including Marcos “Kosine” Palacios’ catalog, Plested’s catalog, and others, underscore its commitment to nurturing musical talent and fostering creative innovation. With a solid foundation backed by substantial early-stage capital, Seeker Music continues to make waves in the music industry.