Rick Ross Has Twitter Hysterical After Video Shows Him Riding A Camel

Rick Ross performs at the Rolling Loud NYC music festival in Citi Field on October 29
(Photo by Astrida Valigorsky/Getty Images)

Twitter is having a field day after a video of Rick Ross went viral. 

In the footage, Ricky Rozay is on a camel ride. It wasn’t easy; multiple people had to help him get on. According to National Geographic, camels are designed to carry anywhere from 375 to 600 pounds for up to 25 miles. However, this particular camel was struggling. 

Check out reactions on Twitter:



Rick Ross is vacationing in Dubai according to Hip Hop DX. However, he’s been having interesting run ins with animals. He recently purchased a 10-month-old cow as he is working on  “cultivating his own Promised Land in Georgia. He called buying the cow a “dream come true.” At the time, Rosss said,

I’m happier than a muthaf*cka! This a dream come true for Rozay! You know what this is for a young boy from Carol City to have horses and now a big boy?