Rihanna Addresses Controversial Alabama Abortion Law

(Photo Credit: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images)

Alabama began the war on abortion, and women’s bodies, and a pre-meditated effort to try and reverse Woe vs. Wade as this countries law of the land.

The law now makes performing an abortion in the state a felony, which could send you to prison for us to 99 years, or even life UNLESS the mother’s life is at risk. Even more discusting, women impregnated by rape or incest also cannot get abortions.

Rihanna called out the fact that a group of 25 middle aged men made a decision on women’s bodies and health in the state.

This morning (May 16), Missouri voted on a similar bill to make it illegal for women to get an abortion after their eighth week of pregnancy, with no exceptions only for medical emergies.