Rihanna Calls Out Donald Trump & Stands Up For Immigrants


Rihanna is speaking up for immigrants across this nation.

We are currently in an immigration crisis unlike ever seen in the United States before. Not one the president is talking about everyday, but the way immigrants and their children are being treated by the administration.

Following her appearance at the BET Awards, the Bajan native discussed the issues with how America is currently treating their immigrants.

“I think in any situation where it’s as devastating as what’s happening in America right now with the immigrants you have to be as loud as you can,” she said to The Root. “You have to raise as much awareness. And not just that, just as a whole—as a nation—put all your heads together, put all your voices together, and be as loud as possible. That the only way politicians and the government actually listen, when they feel that their country is as concerned as the matter is concerning.” 

She has also expressed the same attitude when she called out Donald Trump on Instagram with a photo of different women as they collectively hold an “immigrant” shirt.