Rihanna Gets DRUNK & Asks… What If She Quits Music?

(Photo Credit: ANGELA WEISS/Getty Images)

You have to love Rihanna! 

Seth Meyers lived every man’s dream Thursday night we he got to have an afternoon at the bar with Rihanna for his show Late Night WIth Seth Meyers.

The two definitely got twisted as he first made some crazy ass drinks based on some of her biggest singles, took shots after playing a drinking game, tested some pickup lines, and he even allowed her to apply some Fenty Beauty on him.

During one of their conversations, he asked her to ask for some advice in which she asked “what if I stopped doing music?”

She has been teasing this as of late, even showing off new shirts this week that read “no more music”, as fans continue to call for the release of her latest album which is going to be reggae themed.

This segemnt is definitely one of the most fun things you will see today.

Check it out below.