Rihanna + Tina Lawson Call Out Daniel Cameron For Not Charging Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor

A demonstrator holds a painting of Breonna Taylor during a protest near the Seattle Police Departments East Precinct on June 7
(Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

It’s been nearly four months since Breonna Taylor was killed in her home while sleeping and the officers responsible still haven’t been charged. 

Protesters around the world and nationwide have been fighting for Breonna’s justice. Celebrities like Alicia Keys and Cardi B. are involved in social media campaigns that shed light on Breonna’s story and offer ways to help. Other stars like Beyoncè called for action and wrote an open letter earlier this month to the Kentucky attorney general. In the letter, Queen Bey made three demands to Attorney General Daniel Cameron. She said criminal charges need to be brought against the officers, he needs to commit to a transparent investigation, and the officers need to get prosecuted if there’s subsequent evidence, NBC reported.

Now Beyoncè’s mom, Tina Lawson made some comments about Cameron. After his weekend picture went viral he faced heavy criticism over the photo. People were surprised/shocked to see that he’s a black man, getting ready to marry a white woman. In the picture, you see him and his future wife celebrating their engagement. Tina commented under a post and said, 

“I was shocked to learn that the attorney general for Kentucky is a 34 year old black man. We are ASHAMED of you brother!!! Coonery at its finest! *heart break emojis*”

Take a look:

Other reactions from online users:


Rihanna also called Attorney General Daniel Cameron,

“yerrrrr @danieljaycameron , where we at with this my brother?!”

Megan Thee Stallion is also commenting about Breonna Taylor and has used her platform to shed light and fight for Breonna. Hot girl Meg wrote:

“So if the tables were turned I wonder how he would feel. He really just does not care. ARREST THE OFFICERS THAT KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR #breonnataylor”


Let’s continue to push for Breonna Taylor’s Justice!