Rihanna’s Barbados Wedding Plans And Possibly More Kids

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Last Sunday, Rihanna shut down the Superbowl with her halftime performance. Not only did she rock the crowd with hits like BBHMM, Rude Boy, and more, but she also revealed she is pregnant with baby number 2. Now, she’s opening up about her future plans with her family.

A source close to the singer shared with RadarOnline that she is very focused on what her future looks like, aside from her career. “Throwing a wedding and having another baby are Rihanna’s main focus at the moment,” the source said. “Agreeing to do the Super Bowl definitely reinvigorated her love of performing, but it still doesn’t compare to what she has at home. Luckily, A$AP’s on board, too.”

Rihanna and A$AP’s Future

The Diamonds singer has plans to host the wedding in her home country, according to the source. “RiRi’s wedding will be over-the-top,” they noted. “She wants it to be in Barbados, a super glam event, but she also wants to be able to run around barefoot.” The wedding will be a glamorous event. The source even named some of the A-list invitees like Jay-Z and Adele. Guests who attend will be treated to authentic island food while listening to live music.

Although she is typically very non-traditional, she also plans on wearing white to the wedding.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky confirmed their relationship in 2020 after years of dating speculation. After having their first son back in May, the two are revving up to welcome another member to the family. “Rihanna would love to have a girl next — she and A$AP even have names picked out already,” the source mentioned.

But Rihanna doesn’t want to just stop there. If she gets her way, she will have her own Brady Bunch soon. “She has talked about wanting three or four children in total,” shared the insider.