Roc Nation’s Newly Signed Artist Reuben Vincent Using His Voice To Raise Awareness On The Justice System

Reuben Vincent performs at Day of Empathy
Photo credit – Brian Stukes/ON-SITEFOTOS

Roc Nation’s newly signed artist, Reuben Vincent, uses his voice to raise awareness and reform criminal justice laws at the state and federal levels. Reuben performed at the Dream Corps JUSTICE, sixth annual Day of Empathy event in Washington, D.C.

After Reuben’s performance, he spoke on why it was important for him to be at the event. Aside from wanting to actually bring the issue to light, he can relate to those who have been impacted by the Justice system. He understands firsthand how unfair it can be and how tough the fight for equality is. 

Reuben told Hot 97, “When you’re in survival mode, you’re learning how to survive and you don’t always do the best thing when you’re learning to survive.” He continued, “Kids who look like me have to be in survival mode all the time.” The “If I Die” rapper said he wants to speak for the young black kids who don’t have hope and those who are locked down. Reuben’s advice, “God will pull you out of it.”

Reuben also said, Day Of Empathy is important because it turns empathy into action. He said, “I’m all about justice and I’m all for the people.” He’s glad organizations like Dream Corps exists, but feels we need more resources. He uses his music to speak to those in America who think they’re misunderstood. Reuben quoted Nipsey Hussle and said, “The highest human act is to inspire,” which is what Reuben is doing. 

Dream Corps Justice, founded by Van Jones, is the biggest advocacy campaign led by formerly incarcerated and justice-impacted people from across the country. Per the press release, the Day of Empathy is an annual event that mobilizes bipartisan support for a more humane justice system in the United States. Dream Corps JUSTICE collaborates with the Empathy Network to combat mass incarceration in America. The Empathy network’s mantra is, “Without empathy, we cannot achieve meaningful criminal justice reform that keeps our communities safe, our families whole, and our economy strong.”

Talking about Dream Corps, Jones said, “The Empathy Network is made up of grassroots people on both sides of the aisle which the justice system has hurt. The real experts who know best how to change the system are the people who have been impacted by it.” He continued, “It’s time for us to listen to their voices. I’m proud to be part of a bipartisan group that includes all races who can teach this country so much about what it takes to have a justice system that is just.”