Rochester, NY Officers Involved In Daniel Prude’s Death Won’t Face Any Charges

Demonstrators gather in front of the public safety building in protest of the police killing of Daniel Prude on September 8
(Photo by Joshua Rashaad McFadden/Getty Images)

The fight for justice continues! 

CNN reports a grand jury won’t indict any officers involved in the death of a black man named Daniel Prude, 41.

Last year on March 23, Rochester, NY police pinned Prude down to the ground while he was naked and put a spit bag over his head. Videos went viral of officers pushing and slamming Prude on the cold ground. Prude died a week after the incident. 

The situation was demeaning and could have been avoided because Prude was dealing with mental health issues. Prude needed help from trained professionals, New York Attorney General Leticia James said. 

“Daniel Prude was in the throes of a mental health crisis and what he needed was compassion, care, and help from trained professionals. Tragically, he received none of those things. We concluded that there was sufficient evidence surrounding Mr. Prude’s death to warrant presenting the case to a grand jury, and we presented the most comprehensive case possible.”

Prude’s death was ruled a homicide by the Monroe County Medical examiner. Attorneys Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci, who are representing Prude’s family, said they’re “deeply disappointed that the officers will not face criminal charges.”