Rod Wave Goes Through Legal Battles Legal Battles & Chance The Rapper Announces Divorce | The Wrap Up

THE WRAP UP 4.5.24

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Rod Wave’s Team Challenges Arrest for Alleged Firearm Possession

Rod Wave encountered legal trouble in Florida when arrested on charges of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. His legal team contests his felon status, citing insufficient evidence. Attorneys Bradford Cohen and Mark Rankin criticized the arrest, emphasizing the need for thorough investigation. Rod Wave’s swift release was announced on social media, with his representatives pointing out inconsistencies in police claims. Fans rallied behind him, appreciating the legal team’s efforts. Rod Wave hasn’t publicly addressed the arrest yet.

Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Assault by Christian Combs

Christian Combs faces sexual assault and drugging allegations, with a lawsuit reportedly imminent. Attorney Tyrone Blackburn is preparing the case, although details are scarce. Despite no direct response from Combs, a cryptic social media post hinted at skepticism. The serious allegations draw parallels to his father, Diddy’s, legal challenges. This unfolds amid federal raids on Diddy’s properties where Christian and his brother were briefly detained.

Chance The Rapper Announces Divorce After 5 Years

Chance The Rapper and Kirsten Corley announce their separation after five years of marriage on Instagram, pledging to co-parent their children amicably. Their decision follows a viral video suggesting infidelity, indirectly addressed by Corley’s social media post. The couple seeks privacy regarding the divorce reasons.

Angel Reese Declares Entry into WNBA Draft

Angel Reese shares her WNBA draft decision on Instagram, expressing gratitude for her college journey and excitement for the next phase. Despite LSU’s challenges, including injuries and losses, Reese remains confident and proud, aiming to become a basketball legend.