Romeo Santos Participates In Governor Cuomo’s “#IStayHomeFor” Challenge

Romeo Santos on stage
(Photo by John Parra/Getty Images)

Challenge Accepted! 

Bachata star Romeo Santos has decided to accept Governor Cuomo’s latest challenge called #IStayHomeFor during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Santos shared an adorable video of him at home playing with his son as his effort to stop the spread of the virus. 

In the video, he says, “I, Romeo Santos am staying home for my kids and family.” The caption under the post reads, “The best way to take care of yourself and others is staying home. I’m staying home for my family and my fans around the world.”

Santos was challenged by Cuomo, along with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to share who they are staying home for due to the fact that New York is one of the places that has been hit the hardest by this pandemic. 

Santos has challenged New York Yankees player Giancarlo Stanton to participate.