Rotimi Settles Debt To 50 Cent; He Responds

Rotimi x 50 Cent
(Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

King Petty has returned!

50 Cent is going around outing different people for not paying the money they owe him back. Even his own castmates are off the hook either.

Earlier this week, he called out Rotimi for owing him $300,000. At first he denied having the outstanding debt, before revealing to TMZ that the money was due to being let go from his contract from G-Unit in 2014.

“I was signed to G Unit Records and with this new project 50 and I didn’t see eye to eye on the first single so he agreed to let me out my contract and do it independently,” he wrote on Instagram.

On TMZ Live he revealed that he paid him $100,000 instead of paying him from royalties.

“Because it is my brother, instead of waiting for royalties, and I am able to pay, I gave him $100,000,” he said. “We’re good. We’re good.”

50 Cent responded my posting the interview himself, and saying that all is well with himself and Rotimi.

“I have no problem with @Rotimi,” he wrote. “In fact I wish him and his family the best God bless.”