Russell Wilson Says He Knew It Was His ‘Responsibility’ To Raise Baby Future

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Russell Wilson joins the  I AM ATHLETE podcast, and talks his relationship with Ciara, his career, and raising his children.

Russell and Ciara share three children together and one from Ciara’s previous relationship with rapper Future. “Stepping in to raise a child with [Ciara] and realizing that, ‘Okay God, I know she’s the one for me.’ But also too, I’m gonna take this responsibility as well.” Wilson said of raising baby Future. “I was ready for that… What a gift.”

“That’s been the greatest gift of raising Future [Jr.], Sienna, Win and now Amora. It’s like, man, God gave me that opportunity to raise them and to love them and to care for them… And there’s no difference.”

Ciara and Russell just welcomed a new baby girl, Amora who Ciara calls her “Cherie Amour.”