Safaree Explains Why His Bodyguard Slammed A Woman Who Tried To Spit On Him

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Even when Safaree minds his business, people want to be all up in his.

The rapper/reality star hopped online to clear up a story. Safaree explained why his bodyguard slammed a woman. According to Safaree, he was out with his children a woman said numerous rude remarks about him and threatened to spit on him. He said:

“I’m addressing this right now because now it’s starting to trickle into real life. So, I was somewhere just now, I got my kids with me. Some lady, girl, whatever you want to call her, she sees me. She’s like, ‘Good to see you with your kids.’ It was very disrespectful. I don’t know who this lady was, whatever.” He continued,

“I say whatever I say to her. She says to me, ‘Oh, if you weren’t with your kids, I would spit at you.’ I’m with my security. So, now you’re talking crazy. And as she’s saying it, she’s kinda like coming towards me and I’m there, I got the stroller and the kids. He body slammed her so hard, she was on the floor looking stupid. It’s like, yo, you asked for it. You see somebody with their kids. You don’t know me. I don’t care if you seen me on TV, social media, none of that. You do not know me in real life.” He ended with,

“That fact that somebody really in real life came up to me and said something, and now…I don’t know if it was a close line or a body slam, whatever. She was on the floor looking stupid. She gon’ probably try to sue me now. It is what it is”

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Last month, during an episode of Love and Hip Hop, Erica expressed to Safaree that she was disappointed he made her a single mother twice. Safaree apologized to her, but there was still a lot of tension in the room. 

Erica and Safaree tied the knot in 2019, but Erica filed for divorce last year after accusing him of infidelity. The divorce was finalized in September, and he’s ordered to pay $4,305 a month in child support. They have two children together, a daughter Safire and a son Legend and will share joint custody. Erica also has a son from a previous relationship.