Safaree Thankfully Dodges Getting Shot In The Head – ‘[They] Let Off Ten Shots In Three Seconds’

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Safaree revealed scary news.

In a social media post today (March 1), the rapper/Love and Hip Hop star said he almost got shot in the head by a stray bullet. Luckily, he didn’t and he’s okay.

In the video, Safaree said, “I almost got shot in the head by a stray bullet! I was inches away from where the bullet holes came from. This is why I f*cking can’t stand Atlanta.” He continued, “Thank GOD OMG. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for criminals.” 

In another video, he said, “I cannot believe this just happened. Whoever that was had a switch on his gun and left off 10 shots in 3 seconds.” Take a look: 

Thankfully he’s okay. Fans reacted in the comments. One person wrote, “He has been targeted , and robbed on many of occasions he needs to stay in the house at this point.” Someone else said, “HE’LL get your attention one way or another.. Hope he’s listening.” Another online user commented, “A man life was jeopardized.. but because it’s somebody that y’all are not fond .. y’all are here laughing and joking about it … wow this world.”