Saigon Blames Diddy For Ruining Hip-Hop Culture

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Despite the current legal battle, Diddy brought a new style to hip-hop in the 90s that was obsessed with jewlery, cash, and lavish living.

Over the weekend, New York recording artist and actor Saigon blamed the mogul for the demise of the traditional essence of hip-hop culture. On March 9, the rapper tweets on X, “This negro Puffy flipped Hip-Hop culture into all about worshipping nothing but $$$… Thats why Im kinda glad they got his a** up outta here. Go look at the content in Hip-Hop music before that “All About The Benjamins” song … Creativity mattered..”

“All About The Benjamins” appears on Diddy – Puff Daddy at the time – debut album, No Way Out (1997). The album includes classics such as “Victory,” “Been Around The World,” and “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.” The music video for “Victory” is one of the most expensive music videos ever.

There is no known history of issues or altercations between Saigon and Diddy. Therefore, the entertainer’s mention of the mogul is unknown. Saigon is recognized as a hip-hop purist.

But this isn’t the first time Saigon addressed Diddy and his career. In November 2023, he tweeted an inquiry about the mogul’s legal battle. He tweeted:

“Daaamn…. Who thinks Diddy Did It ???? I told myself years ago if fame and money comes with all this type of ish, they can KEEP it.. I stepped away from all this shit to raise my babies and I dont regret ONE second of it.”

As Diddy addresses his lawsuits, there isn’t any news of new Saigon activity outside of the tweets.