Savannah James Launches Own Podcast ‘Everybody’s Crazy’

Savannah James
(Photo by Leon Bennett/FilmMagic)

It appears that people online have their eyes set on Savannah James! Just recently, on Wednesday, March 27th, she announced her new podcast, ‘Everybody’s Crazy,’ which she co-hosts with April McDaniel.

The podcast’s Instagram page shared a sneak peek video of the first episode. In the brief clip, Savannah is shown smiling and giggling while gently touching her podcast microphone. This sparked various reactions, especially from men who may not be familiar with ASMR. 

But, this podcast marks a significant shift as it will be the first instance in nearly twenty years of her marriage where Savannah’s voice takes the spotlight. 

Judging by the title of the project, it appears that Savannah will be sharing personal stories and insights with her audience.

James exchanges a few words with April about testing the audio, and the video transitions to a black screen, inviting fans to call in on the release day, which was Thursday, March 28th.

Everybody’s Crazy comes at the same time as LeBron James’ podcast with ESPN analyst and former Orlando Magic player, called Mind the Game.

This podcast is made in collaboration with James’s Uninterrupted and Redick’s ThreeFourTwo Productions. It’s said that the show will be out for streaming every week, starting April 2nd at 7 in the morning.