Saweetie Reveals How She Overcame Sexist Advice From Music Executives

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Saweetie is the newest cover girl for Allure’s latest issue.

During the correspondent interview, the California rapper opened up about her struggles with being respected as a rapper. “‘ICY GRL’ and ‘My Type’ blew up so quick, I was on the market almost immediately, so I didn’t have time to develop,” she said. “I was told I should twerk more on my Instagram. I was told that my voice was very boring. I was told that I rapped too monotone and needed more energy. I was told that I needed to share more of my life on the internet.”

Saweetie continued, “I’m going to twerk when I want to. That’s not going to be my marketing. And if that’s what you truly love to do, then empower yourself through that, but that’s not innate to me. If I get caught at a party or if I’m turning up, okay, cool. But I’m not finna do that because you guys think I should. That’s lazy marketing.”