Saweetie Takes Shot At Quavo In New Her Video

photo credit: Ron Adar / Shutterstock

Saweetie seemingly takes a shot at Quavo in a new video.

It’s been a few weeks since Saweetie and Quavo called it quits. After the two exchanged words towards each other on Twitter, we haven’t heard much from either of them about the relationship. Yet, it seems like the two couple is throwing subliminal shade.

We previously reported, while teasing a new song, fans couldn’t help but to notice that Quavo seemingly rapped about Saweetie,  saying, “Lil’ bitty b*tch, she slimy, she sneaky/I’m takin’ back that Bentley,” he raps on the record. Quavo copped the fully customize ride during Christmas time for his then girl friend.

Now Saweetie on the other hand, while promoting her new  sunglasses collaboration with Quay Australia, fans couldn’t help but notice the shot the ‘Icy Girl’ took at her ex. “Hello, I love those Quay glasses on you, Saweetie,” said the robot mirror, mispronouncing the brand as “Kway,” which is the same way Quavo’s name sounds. “Kway? Girl, this is Quay,” said the rapper, correcting the mirror and using the correct pronunciation as “Key.”

Take a look at the video below, let us know if you think Saweetie was being shady.