Say WHAT! A Bronx Cop Knocked A Woman’s Eye Out Her Socket!


Photo credit – BrandonKleinVideo/Shutterstock


Now this is CRAZY!

A female NYPD officer is being investigated after she was accused of beating a woman blind.

Reported on NYDN, Officer Theresa Lustica arrested Johanna Pagan-Alomar after she asked the officer why a friend was getting handcuffed. Alomar claims that’s when she was “disrespected” by the cop.

The article says that Lustica threw Alomar to the ground and used a handcuff key as a weapon. The handcuff key is what knocked Alomar’s eye out and she had to get it removed.

According to Lustica, Alomar shoved her and that’s what caused the altercation that happened in June. Initially, Lustica was cleared and Internal Affairs ruled that she didn’t use excessive force. Now it’s being reviewed by the Civilian Complaint Review Board and Alomar wants Lustica to get charged.