Secret Service Sent More Agents To Delaware As Joe Biden Is Anticipated To Win 

A U.S. Secret Service agent stands guard as Marine One
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

We are close to knowing who our next President will be! 

As of today, Joe Biden is at 264 and President Donald Trump is at 214. Joe Biden is anticipated to win. 

As reported on CNN, more US Secret Service agents were sent to Wilmington, Delaware. They were sent on Thursday (Nov. 5). The article points out, “upon a presidential win, the USSS detail for a president-elect would get larger and mirror the size and scope of a president’s. Additional airspace security measures are also implemented.” 

This is the usual protocol, however, the extra security typically happens on election night, according to the official, but USSS is being cautious because they don’t want to appear as if they’re deciding on the election. CNN also reported they observed more “security assets in Biden’s motorcade consistent with Presidential entourages that are equipped to handle a wide variety of threats and situations and are not part of the typical secret service teams a candidate receives, in addition to Biden’s original detail.”

A spokesperson for the USSA declined to provide more details, “For operational security reasons, the Secret Service cannot discuss specifically or in general terms the means, methods or resources we utilize to carry out our protective mission.”