Shaq Says Shannon Sharpe Diss Track Is A.I.

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Last week, Shaq‘s diss track about Shannon Sharpe went viral and became a trending topic in pop culture. However, on Wednesday, the 52-year-old NBA champ shared that the diss wasn’t made by him but by artificial intelligence.

When asked by TMZ Sports about his return to rap through a diss track, Shaq revealed, “It wasn’t me, that was A.I.”

While he enjoyed the track, Shaq Diesel reassured the curious reporter that it wasn’t him. He added: “I don’t know who did that… It sounded good though.”

The diss track arose following Shaq and Shannon Sharpe’s disagreement on NBA star Nikola Jokic’s MVP award. Sharpe accused Shaq of jealousy of the Denver Nuggets center. Shaq criticized Sharpe for being envious of his success and using “clickbait.”

The A.I. diss had Shaq claiming that Shannon Sharpe was beneath him and hosted a “bullsh*t podcast.” The song raps:

“I’m #1. Oh no, Shannon Sharpe, man, your way beneath me / Your whole demeanor is faker than rapper beef be / You’re soft / Before you get to fly, you’d rather tweet me / I was in three different cars when you were in 3 ft. / All I see is dollar signs, they comin’ in 3-D / Make it hot / Ain’t no way around my degrees / You are not in my spot, you are like a pee-wee / Jeweler got him calling me “Rocky” the way I RiRi / I get to the green bag / I don’t mean a lawn mower / Jet flying, foreign drivin’, Best Buyin’, Dom pourer.”

While Shaq says he had nothing to do with the diss track, it was promoted by Playmaker, the home that powers his The Big Podcast, on social media.

Sharpe told People on Monday (May 13) that he is ready to “move on” from the feud. When asked about the beef, Sharpe said, “I mean, I don’t have no problem with Shaq. He said what he said. I’m ready to move on.”