Shaq Speaks On ‘Booty’ Comment, Denies Shooting His Shot At Megan Thee Stallion

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Shaq denies shooting his shot at Megan Thee Stallion after he left an interesting comment on her Instagram live.

While Megan Thee Stallion was turning up and dancing on Instagram live, fans caught Shaquille O’Neal comment creeping. A fan asked Shaq what he was doing on the live, and he replied “watching that booty.”

Shaq’s comment went viral as social media assumed he was shooting hit shot. Shaq’s son Shareef, even commented on the comment, saying “I feel you pops.”

Now, Shaq is clearing up his comment. He says he wasn’t shooting his shot, just simply admiring…that booty? “This is what happened America … I was in [the IG Live session]. Somebody said, ‘What are you doing in there?’ And, I typed what I typed. I wasn’t trying to hit on her.”