Shiggy Teaches Ebro How To #DoTheShiggy & Spits A Freestyle On Ebro in the Morning [VIDEO]

Shiggy on Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning

“Kiki, do you love me?”

Have you been wondering why you can’t stop hearing that song? That’s because comedian Shiggy created his own dance to Drake’s song “In My Feelings” that went viral.

All weekend you have been seeing your timeline do the dance, and it got so popular that Drake reported scrapped his plans to feature “Don’t Matter To Me” as his next single instead choosing the viral track.

Shiggy came up to Hot 97 to show Ebro in the Morning how to do the dance, and share his experiences after it blew up. He also decided to drop a freestyle at the end.

How did Ebro do?

Watch the interview below.