Shyne Reacts To Claim Of Diddy Being 1999 NYC Nightclub Gunman

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Shyne recently commented on statements made by Natalia Reuben regarding the 1999 nightclub shooting that led to his incarceration. Reuben alleged that it was Diddy, not Shyne, who shot her during the incident. Shyne addressed these claims during a news conference in Belize, where he currently serves as a political leader.

During the conference, Shyne expressed the impact of Reuben’s accusations, stating, “It opens wounds when you hear the victim saying it was Diddy that shot her. That is what is most remarkable.”

He highlighted a sexual assault lawsuit filed against Diddy by producer Lil Rod, where Diddy was accused of tampering with witnesses and jurors in the criminal case, emphasizing the re-opening of past wounds due to these revelations.

Shyne also reflected on his role in the aftermath of the shooting, maintaining his innocence and asserting that he had been unfairly portrayed as a criminal. He explained, “I’ve been saying this all along.

Everyone knew all along that I was the fall guy,” emphasizing that the victim’s statements align with his longstanding claims of innocence.

When questioned directly about Reuben’s assertion that Diddy was the gunman, Shyne chose not to delve into specifics, stating, “I’m not going to get into that,” while expressing relief that the truth was coming to light regarding his own involvement in the shooting.

The nightclub shooting took place in 1999 at Club New York in Manhattan, resulting in injuries to bystanders amid an altercation involving individuals associated with Bad Boy Entertainment.

Both Shyne and Diddy were arrested in connection with the incident, with Shyne ultimately serving a prison sentence for criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and reckless endangerment.

Reuben’s recent public statements about the shooting, made nearly 25 years later, point directly to Diddy as the perpetrator, alleging attempts to conceal evidence related to the incident. Her assertions add a new dimension to the longstanding legal and personal ramifications of the nightclub altercation.