Skillz Lashes Out On Uncle Murda On Ebro in the Morning [VIDEO]

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It’s the “rap-up” beef everyone saw coming

Since 2002, rapper Skillz has been giving hip hop fans a treat as he wrapped up the year with a freestyle detailing the biggest events of the year.

In recent years, Uncle Murda has decided to do his own version giving hip hop fans two different rap up tracks to end the year.

While there have been jabs in recent past, the 2017 version got a little heated and now the beef is on when the artist also known as Lenny Grant gave him a special shout out.

“Tell Mad Skillz, niggas is through with him.”

Then added an Instagram post with a photo of a direct message conversation in which the Brooklyn rapper called Skillz “PG.”

I got time today bruh. You DM’d the wrong dude

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Skillz released a diss track called “Murda Gram” in which he lashed back at Uncle Murda.

“Remind you of who the f*** you are, you a comedian we don’t come to your for bars/We straight, on top of that you fake/N**** you signed to G-Unit 10 years too late/And what I’m about to say might piss New York off, but you one of the reasons that New York soft/A worker, who could never be a New York boss/Smack that dirty fitted off your head, New York.”

Skillz called into Ebro in the Morning to discuss the beef and where it stems from.

Listen to that interview below (1:13:42 mark)