SMFH: Two Cops Who Killed Unarmed Stephon Clark Will NOT Be Charged [PHOTO+VIDEO]

A mourner holds up a photo of police shooting victim Stephon Clark during the funeral services for Clark at Bayside Of South Sac

Photo credit – Jeff Chiu-Pool/Getty Images

No justice?

California prosecutors decided that they won’t press charges on the two police officers who fatally shot unarmed 22-year-old Stephon Clark. On March 18, 2018, he was shot 20-times in his own backyard.

Police claim they spotted him breaking into car windows and that’s why they went after him. When they chased him in his backyard, they THOUGHT he had a gun, but after they shot and killed him, they realized it was only a cell phone. Clark’s death sparked outrage and many protests.

An independent 61-page review of the case found that the officers used lethal force lawfully. Sacramento County District Attorney Marie Schubert said “the decision does not diminish in any way the tragedy, the anger and the frustration that we heard since the time of his death. We cannot ignore that there is rage within our community.”


This is what his fiancee had to say:


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