SMH! Nipsey Hussle Is STILL Being Investigated By The LAPD

Nipsey Hussle
(Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

Over three months ago, Nipsey Hussle was gone too soon after he was tragically shot and killed at the parking lot of his Marathon store in Crenshaw, Los Angeles.

Following his passing, much attention was given to his philantropic efforts, and the positive influence he gave the surrounding community.

LAPD Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff expressed sadness as he revealed that there was a planned meeting between themselves and Nipsey Hussle to help stop gang violence.

In a new story from the New York Times, it is revealed that at the time of the rapper’s murder the Los Angeles Police were investigating his ties to gang members and gang activity. They were also taking a look at the strip mall where the Marathon store stood to see if it was a hub for gang activity.

The bigger surprise, as the report states, is that even in his passing the LAPD continues to investigate Nipsey Hussle including his life, business, investments, plans for the community and more.

LAPD had declined to comment on what exactly the investigation is about.