Snoop Dogg Celebrates Man City’s Historic Premier League Victory

Snoop Dogg
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 29: Snoop Dogg attends ceremony as Charlie Wilson is honored with star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on January 29, 2024 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

Snoop Dogg joined in on the celebrations as Manchester City secured a historic Premier League title victory over the weekend. The 2023/24 English soccer season concluded on Sunday, May 19th, with Pep Guardiola’s Man City crowned champions after a decisive final round. The Manchester team defeated West Ham 3-1, making history as the first club to win four consecutive Premier League titles.

Following their victory, Man City received unexpected support from Snoop Dogg. The West Coast rap icon congratulated them on social media, with his support seemingly stemming from the team’s blue colors. “Congrats to the BLUE side of Manchester,” the former Rollin’ 20s Crip wrote on YouTube, sharing a video of City lifting the trophy and referencing their rivals, Manchester United, known for their red jerseys—the same color associated with the Bloods gang. Snoop also posted another video of the team’s on-field celebrations on Instagram, accompanied by blue heart emojis.

Snoop Dogg’s interest in soccer began in the early 2000s while touring Europe. According to ESPN, his PlayStation 2 copy of Madden got scratched, so his team bought FIFA instead, as Madden was not in demand overseas. “We ended up falling in love with it,” Snoop told the outlet in 2012. “While we were playing the game, we were also learning about the game and started watching some games on TV. And it was the biggest sport in the part of the world we were in, so I just loved it.” He added, “I think it can be real big because soccer is a fun sport. It takes an athletic person to play it, and it’s just fly. I think it can catch on.”

Despite his congratulations to Man City, Snoop Dogg has been seen supporting various other soccer teams over the years, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Ajax, Lyon, and more.