Snoop Dogg Laughs Off Suge Knight’s Claim He’s Apart Of A ‘Secret Society’

Snoop Dogg seems to be unbothered by Suge Knight’s allegations that he’s involved in a “secret society.” 

In a recent episode of Knight’s Collect Call podcast, the legendary mogul  alluded that the conspiracy theories surrounding the music entertainment industry have some validity and that entertainers like Snoop — as well as Dr.Dre and Diddy — are used as pawns.

“I remember when they was giving Puffy an award at the ASCAP Awards — Andre went up there and got him an expensive watch and gave it to him in front of everybody. He basically confessed his love to this man,” the former Death Row CEO said. “Then Puffy and Snoop became besties. Every time you see one, you seen the other one. Next thing you know, they start painting they fingernails. Didn’t make sense.”

After AllHipHop shared the audio from Knight on their Instagram page, Snoop Dogg jumped into the comment section and left a laughing emoji. It’s safe to say that the West Coast Legend doesn’t care what his former buddy thinks. 

Check out the post below.