Social Media Calls For the Cancellation Of Comedian Druski Following ‘Offensive’ Viral Video Skit

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Social media is not here for comedian Druski’s recent skit.

In the since deleted skit, Druski and his friends are seemingly pressuring ladies to get drunk and some fans are not here for it. One fan commented, “It clearly triggered some people, which is actually VERY sad. But I don’t think that was his intention..” and another, “Unpopular opinion but Druski has always consistently been showing different behaviors of both women and men in his content. This video happens to be about how predatory men can be at functions. Is it funny? Meh. Accurate? Absolutely.”

Other fans believe Druski was just shedding light on how some interaction between men and women while drinking can be uncomfortable. Another comment read, “isn’t he just mocking how these kinds of guys/people exist? I didn’t take it as him endorsing the behavior..”

The video went viral online, and Druski has since been trending. Watch it below and let us know your thoughts.