Social Media Defends Yaya Mayweather After NBA YoungBoy Song Revealed She Allegedly Won’t Let Him See Their Son 

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Social media is coming to Yaya Mayweather’s defense.

The It’s On-Site blog shared a snippet of an unreleased NBA YoungBoy song. The title is reportedly called “Carry On.” In the clip, he revealed Yaya doesn’t let him see their son. Take a listen: 

In the comment section under the post, one user said, “I don’t blame her; he’s just doing too much, protect yourself baby energy at this point.” Another online user said, “honestly, I don’t blame her,” and another said, “whether she wants him or not, he is [emotionally] all over the place, I wouldn’t either.”

Earlier this week, NBA YoungBoy and one of the mothers of his children got in a heated argument online, after he kicked her and their one-year-old son Kaell out of his Airbnb during a visit to Utah. The mother, who goes by the name Arcola, posted a text exchange between the two, take a look at a screen shot captured by The Shade Room: