Social Media Has Mixed Feelings After Aunt Jemima Announced They Rebranded As The Pearl Mill Company

Close-up of Aunt Jemima brand buttermilk pancake mix in kitchen setting
(Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Aunt Jemima got a “makeover!”

The pancake and syrup company changed its name and logo after years of racial criticism of the brand. The original logo was rooted in racial imagery for 131 years.

The woman’s face on the old packaging was a woman named Nancy Green, who was a slave, AP reports. The 2020 modern-day civil rights movement, especially after the murder of George Floyd, sparked a lot of companies to toss their outdated and racially insensitive brands.

Aunt Jemima is one of many companies that are rebranding. Their new name is the Pearl Milling Company and it won’t feature anyone’s face on it. The New York Times reports, the new name comes is from the milling company in St. Joseph, Mo., “that pioneered the self-rising pancake mix that became known as Aunt Jemima.”

The new packaging is set to hit grocery stores in June! Take a look at what online users are saying: