Social Media Goes Crazy Over Marjorie Harvey’s Sexy 58th Birthday Video, Compares Her To Lori Harvey

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Marjorie Harvey shut the internet down!

Marjorie, the wife of Steve Harvey, shared a video celebrating her 58th birthday. “This is 58” she says, as she poses to Beyonce’s “Alien Superstar.”

Fans flooded the comments, showing the fashionista a lot of love. One Instagram user commented, “58 where Sis? Straight up goals!!! Always EPIC!” Another, “Go offffff girllll 58 where Chile more like 35 gorgeous hunnnyyyyy HBD..”

During a recent interview with Essence Magazine, Marjorie spoke about her love life with Steve. She says, “I was over the moon for Steve when I first met him, so to trust my heart and go back to the man that I once loved was really easy. With Steve, I could relax because I knew this wasn’t someone that had broken my heart so I could trust him. He knew that he could trust me with his heart and trust is a big thing. It made it a lot easier for he and I to just move past the preliminaries and just to get to know each other again.”

She continued, “I wish every woman can find a soulmate like I’ve been blessed to find. This is really my best friend. I can talk to my husband about any and every thing; he can talk to me about any and every thing. We complement each other and we bring out the best in each other so it’s just a beautiful relationship all the way around. We laugh together. I love his sense of humor. For my children, I only wish that my sons — all three of them — can be the man that their father is and for my daughters I wish for them the same thing that I finally found and that’s a man just like my father.”