Social Media Goes Wild Over Kehlani’s Twerks As She Kicks Off Her ‘Blue Water Road’ Tour

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Kehlani is going viral!

The singer kicked off her Blue Water Road tour in Virginia. This is the first tour she’s headlining in five years, NME reports.

In the visual of the concert, Kehlani is on stage and gives fans a special twerk session while performing “Distraction.” Take a look:

Fans showered Kehlani with love. One user said, “Oh we getting a show show,” someone else said, “the way I’m finna see this close up next fridayyyyyy babyyyyy, keep this same energy.”

Kehlani recently spoke to the publication about going on tour, which launched this weekend. Her tour dates will run through the end of October, ending in Honolulu, Hawaii. She said she’s excited to hit the stage but also trying to figure out was to “impact” her audience more. She said, 

“I just want to figure out how to impact my audience, so they can leave and take something that they grasped, learned, or experienced [at the show] and spread it further.” She continued,

“We’ve always had these therapy-Esque talks mid-performance, but I’m trying to implement those intimate moments in smaller venues into these huge stages now.”

She ended with, “We have an amazing set-up with the show we’re about to give that’s completely different. Before, I was just performing and connecting, but now there’s this whole other element to it. I’m trying to weave both together and make sure people leave with something.”

Artists that will be featured on tour include Rico Nasty, Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, and more. Kehlani spoke on her “dream performance collaboration” and said it would be with Beyoncè.”

She said, “Beyoncé. I wouldn’t even sing I’d just stand there. I wouldn’t dance, I’d just [sit on the stage and watch her].”