Social Media Has Mixed Reactions After Trina Says She’ll Do A Verzuz w/ Lil Kim

Trina x Lil Kim
Photo credit – Shutterstock/FlashAgency/levRadin

Trina is ready to get into the Verzuz battles!

The “Here We Go” rapper was interviewing with DJ Scream and expressed interest in doing a Verzuz. Trina wants to go against Lil Kim but said “no one reached out” to her. Trina gave Kim her flowers and called her “that b****.” She also said when she came into the industry, she looked up to Lil Kim.

“When I came into the industry, this is who I looked up to; this is the lyrics I recited. This is what made me know that it’s OK to talk that lethal s*** and you n***as not s***. Therefore I would feel like that’s equivalent ’cause Kim is legendary, and she got mad records.”

Trina went on to say that if she were to go against Lil Kim, it would be like going against family and not a “competition.” Trina said,

“I won’t even feel like a competition ’cause it’s a family thing. I’m probably gonna be so much more engaged in her records than anything ’cause it will go back to when I first heard her, so I’ll be in my vibe like fanned out.”

Social media has mixed reactions; take a look:

Last year, Khia said she would be interested in doing a Verzuz against Trina but the baddest chick shut the idea down and said she’s not “stepping off her thrown to address a bum.” Share your thoughts with us!