Social Media Reacts After Yung Miami Says She ‘Retired’ From Rap

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It looks like Yung Miami may be hanging up her rap card.

While arguing with a fan on Twitter, Miami says ‘I don’t even rap no more!’ Which instantly went viral online. While on Instagram live Miami was avoiding questions about her relationship status with Diddy. “I’m single, but I’m not,” she said on Instagram live. “But it ain’t y’alls business!” she followed up.

“B*tch, I’m whatever I feel like at the time, b*tch,” Miami yelled. “Right now? B*tch I feel like how the f*ck do you even sell single? F*ck is you talking about,” she went on to say.

Now on Twitter- while having a casual conversation about football, Miami faced some backlash about her “poor rap skills.” One troll says, “girl shutup and make better music,” one person wrote to the “Twerkulator” artist. “B*tch I don’t even rap no more! Eat this p*ssy hoe, I retried,” she clapped back.