Social Media Reacts To Amber Rose And Joseline Getting Physical On BET’s ‘College Hill’

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It looks like Amber Rose and Joseline got into a physical altercation following a heated conversation on BET’s College Hill.

The two appear to have gotten into a heated argument after Amber took offense and accused Joseline of singling her out when she said referred to some people as “the whites.” Joseline soon after apologized to Amber, “If you feel like I singled you out, I apologize. I didn’t mean to do that.”

Though Joseline apologized to Amber, the conversation took a turn for the worse when Joseline says, “you know what? Your problem really is you want to be a white girl! Your problem is you really don’t want to be Black!”

Social media had mixed reactions to the altercation, one Twitter user wrote, “I will say and I always say… let people identify how they want to. There’s no question that I’m blikkity black but some people struggle with their identity, especially mixed race people. I’m not getting worked up over how people self indenting. Not my business…”

BET did not air the altercation, although you can see Amber Rose throw the first punch. BET shared a statement that read, “out of respect for all parties involved, we have chosen not to show this fight. ‘College Hill’ and AKU do not condone violence of any kind.”