Social Media Reacts To Joie Chavis Revealing Neither Bow Wow Nor Future Give Her Child Support

photo credit: Sam Aronov / Shutterstock

During a question and answer video via YouTube, Joie Chavis shares neither of child’s fathers pay child support. Nor does she ask them for financial support.

The video came as a surprise to many, as she has two children. One by Bow Wow and one by Future. Many assumed that she received support from both, as according to her, she’s been called a “gold digger.”

“And I’m not. I’m not a gold digger,” she says. “I don’t—if that’s the case, I’d be dating everybody that tries to talk to me with money. I don’t, and I’m not a gold digger. I’ve worked since I was fifteen, like, I take care of my kids. I don’t get any child support.”

“I don’t need to ask for anything for certain things my kids because I can do everything myself. If their father wants to do things for them and then they do that on their own time if they want to [say], hey, here’s some money for this or that, or you know whatever. But I don’t really ask for anything. I’m able to do everything on my own.”

“So, just wanted to make sure that I said that.”

Social media praised her for her transparency.

Check out the full Q&A below.