Social Media Reacts To Keyshia Cole Getting Her Iconic Gap Back

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Keyshia Cole is bringing back her iconic gap.

When Keyshia Cole first rose to fame, she was known for her signature teeth gap. Back in February, Keyshia teased online that she had plans on reopening the gap- after originally covering it up with veneers.

While on Instagram live, Keyshia chatted with her fans and then smiled big and bright showing off her the reopened gap. “KEYSHIA COLE GOT HER GAP BACK!!!!!” one person wrote. Another wrote, “Keyshia Cole gap is back!! hopefully that old K.C. feel of music will follow.”

Keyshia sent the internet into a frenzy with this move! Many fans online imply that her new upcoming will ‘hit different’ with her new look. “WAIT TWITTER @KeyshiaCole BROUGHT THE GAP BACK !!! I REPEAT THEE #KEYSHIACOLE BROUGHT THE GAP BACK…. PHOTOS COMING SOON.”

Take a look at some more reactions below.