Soulja Boy Offers To Buy TikTok Amid App Ban Threat

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Soulja Boy, known for his viral music hits, has expressed deep dismay over the impending ban of TikTok in the United States if the platform fails to secure a new owner. This development has stirred widespread dissatisfaction toward the government’s decision, particularly since President Joe Biden has officially endorsed the measure into law.

In response to this news, Soulja Boy took to Twitter to criticize the potential ramifications of allowing the government to arbitrarily ban applications. He highlighted the broader implications, emphasizing that this precedent means the government could potentially ban any app at its discretion. Soulja Boy even went as far as to express interest in purchasing TikTok himself if given the opportunity, despite the immense financial undertaking this would require.

Fans, however, were quick to question the feasibility of Soulja Boy’s proposal, pointing out that he might not fully grasp the scale of such an acquisition. One commenter mentioned, “I don’t think he knows how much TikTok is worth,” while another speculated that Soulja Boy’s concerns were tied to his earnings from the platform.

Beyond the financial considerations, users discussed the impact of governmental actions on digital platforms globally, noting instances where other countries have curtailed American platforms.

Meanwhile, legislative details outline a timeline for ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, to divest its U.S. operations within nine months to continue operating in the country. Notably, a previous standalone bill proposed a shorter six-month timeline for divestment. The latest measure also included provisions supporting foreign aid to key U.S. allies like Israel and Ukraine.

Following President Biden’s approval of the legislation, TikTok’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, expressed disappointment and announced plans to challenge the bill through legal avenues. This development underscores the ongoing tensions between technology regulation and the global digital landscape.