Spice On Backlash From ‘Black Hypocrisy’ & Reveals Problems w/ Her Label [VIDEO]

Spice on Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning

Spice broke the internet earlier this year when she showed up on social media with a lighter skin color, and revealed to the world that she had bleached her skin.

It all turned out to be part of a longer conversation, starting with the single “Black Hypocrisy” in which she addresses some of the issues of racism, and colorism within her own community. 

She stepped up to Ebro in the Morning and revealed that she was supposed to keep it going for one week, before the backlash became so loud she had to reveal the video after a day. During the conversation she revealed how she was being attacked due to what people believed was her decision to lighten her skin, and addressed some of the issues she sees today.

She also speaks on her latest mixtape Capture, in which she reveals that her current record deal feels like she is captured herself. VP Records is yet to release an album from her, although she has been signed for years. Her latest project reached #1 on the reggae charts.

Watch the full conversation below.